Transport Conditions

and Health and Safety regulations

 Passenger agrees and accepts our payment and tranport conditions when reservation is placed and confirmed.

The driver is responsible representative of health and safety regulations and must ensure transfer conditions are followed at all the time of travel.


 Passenger's entitlement for transport

Entitlement the transport of passenger accrue from :

1. place of departure and place of arrival are agreed when online ticket ( eTicket) is purchased and paid
2. passenger is at agreed place of departure at agreed time
3. passenger is required to provide the driver with valid transport ticket (eTicket), or ID card

*e-ticket is send to the passenger after transport is purchased and paid for alternatively can be reprinted from the website under section "My Account".


Any breach of these transport conditions can lead to passenger's transport  been refused or cancelled under cancelation policy with no Refund apply !

Health and safety regulations and transportation policy

* All passengers must wear seatbelt at all times

No Easting food or Drinking alcoholic drinks in the vehicle at any time

* No Smoking in the vehicle at any time (including electronics ciggarets)

* While vehicle is on the move is not allowed to throw any kind of rubish out of the windows

Entitlement to refuse the transport of passenger accrue from:

1. Passenger refuse to follow drivers direction in order to follow health and safety regulations and transport conditions
2. Passenger is under influance of alcohol or any other narcotics
3. Passeger is suffering from health condition that is a health hazard to other passengers or the driver
4. Passenger carry illigal subtances on his person or in the baggage such as drugs, narcotics or any type of weapon such as knife, shot gun etc.
    If any passenger may be potential danger or assault to other passenger or employees will be refused to entrer the vehicle and  transport will be                 canceled.

Health and Safety of our passengers and our employees has main importance and for that reason any cancelation based on health and safety regulations  will be not refunded .

Baggage transport regulations

The following items are strictly forbidden for carriage:

a) firearms, ammunition and explosives including weapons of hunting or sports purposes
b) any items or substance that looks like a firearm, ammunition or explosive
c) radioactive materials
d) condensed gas (except: CO2 used for moving artificial limb; container of inflammable gas used for self-inflating lifejacket)
e) poisonous or infectious substance
f) briefcases and security type attaché cases with built-in alarm devices, lithium batteries or pyrotechnical material
g) items and materials that endanger safety, property, life, health and bodily integrity of those on board
h) any material that is forbidden under the rules and regulations of the countries affected by the carriage

Should you attempt to take any of these items with you, we may deny load your baggage.


Extra baggage:

Allowance per one passenger is 2 standart airport size baggages (hand-bag and luggage max. 25kg) for free

any other / extra baggage will be charged 15€ / per 1 extra baggage.

Transport of dog / cat max. weight 20kg cost extra 25 € (traveler cage) and our customer service must be informed advace and agreed.

Additional charges for extra baggages or animal cage will be paid in cash to the driver.

 *If your baggage is bigger than standart airport baggage size you must inform us advance.

   If you do not do so we might refuse to load your baggage to our minibus.


Cancellations / modifications:

  • Fee for the modification of the ordered transfer (date, time) is  30% of amount of reservation  more than 48 hours before the transfer; less than 48 hours before the transfer of change can not be implemented.

Cancellation fee: 

  • for cancellation of the transfer of more than 48 hours before the transfer is 30% of amount of reservation per direction; less than 48 hours before the transfer, the cancellation fee is 100%

 Any changes or cancellations must be made in written form by email or phone by our customer service s.r.o.